Five Must-Have Modifications For Utility Trailers

3 October 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Utility trailers can be essential for work or play, but their functions can be vastly improved with the right features or modifications. Want to get the most out of your utility trailer? Then, check out these five must-have modifications and features for utility trailers.

1. Double Decker Racks for Canoes or Bicycles

If you are headed out to the river or the woods, a double decker rack for your canoes is essential. With a double decker rack, you can use the bottom of the trailer for storage and the top for your gear. You can modify your existing trailer with a wood frame built to hold canoes, bikes, or other sporting gear, or you can talk with a utility trailer salesperson at Blue Ridge Trailer Sales & Service about pre-manufactured racks.

2. Ladder and Pipe Racks

If you use your trailer for work, ladder and pipe racks are essential. These metal racks can be added on their own to an existing trailer, or you can look for a fully customized work trailer that has toolboxes with special lids to use as worktops, locked storage for power tools, and other essentials for contractors, landscapers, and other trailer-using professionals.

3. Hitch and Go

A hitch and go allows you to stabilize your trailer whether it is hooked to your vehicle or not. That makes it easy to hook and unhook your trailer so that you can use your vehicle without it, and because the detached trailer is stable, you can leave all of your gear in it. That way, your trailer is ready to go when you need it.

4. Axle Tilts

An axle tilt lets you turn your utility trailer into a virtual dump truck as needed. Easily drop off loads of rock, turf, shingles, or any other supplies, and then reload the empty utility truck. At the end of the day or week when you've got garbage to drop off at the landfill, your axle tilt will make that job easy too.

5. Folding Trailers

If you use your utility trailer to haul your toys like your ATVs or dirt bikes, consider getting a metal folding trailer. Folding trailers are easy to store without taking up a lot of floor space, and some of them can even be folded up and stored vertically on their side. With the extra room you free up, you may even be able to squeeze a few more toys into your garage.