4 Benefits Of Centrifugal Pumps In The Oil Services Industry

8 October 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


The petroleum industry relies heavily on pumps for extracting water and oil from the ground, and to preserve the integrity of their drilling equipment. When selecting the appropriate pump systems to trust, all while maintaining your bottom line, service companies have a variety of choices to select from. Centrifugal pumps can provide a medley of benefits that distinguish them from other models in the industry. Here's just 4 of the benefits that these pumps can provide, in order to help improve your oil services operations.      


Centrifugal pump technology features maximum efficiency. The application minimizes frictional residual losses because of its lack of drive seal. This makes the application suited to pumping potentially hazardous liquid materials. Moreover, centrifugal models employ magnetic couplings in their system that minimize potential risk to the motor.


Compared to other forms of pump technology, centrifugal models can be more resistant to wear and tear over time, especially when used in particularly taxing settings such as energy exploration and production. The gap featured between the motor and pump chamber can minimize heat transfer between the parts, which can protect it from water erosion. The durable component of this technology helps it's cost-effectiveness as well, so you won't have to be investing more money in maintenance repairs or replacements.  


The tubes are designed to reduce the risk of pollution in a couple of ways. First, the tubes eliminate ambient noise as fluids travel through the tubing system. This ensures an efficient work environment uninterrupted by noise pollution. In addition, the tubing itself are made of sustainable materials that leave a minimum impact on the planet during their production.

As discussed above, the tubes are ideal for preventing spills and other hazardous events that potentially threaten the Earth. Using green technology such as centrifugal tubes can be a huge selling point for contractors and companies in terms of their public relations and financially. They may receive priority in terms of bids and/or tax benefits from a local municipality or country because of their environmental awareness.  


From a financial perspective, centrifugal pumps provide the best value for contractors seeking the most cost-effective solutions for their bids and projects. Using these pumps will not only save money but make your service more attractive to potential companies as you reduce the risk of potentially costly accidents and spills occurring during a project. These accidents can be punishing for company's in terms of their image as well as for their pocket books.

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