Choosing The Right Bed Liner For Your Truck

13 October 2014
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Although your truck is designed to be rugged, this doesn't mean that it can't use some extra protection. One way to protect your truck is to install a bed liner. Bed liners serve as a layer of protection that keeps the bed in good condition, resisting scratches and water damage. When choosing a liner, you will be met with a number of different options. Bed mats and spray-in liners are just two of the more popular options for you to consider.

Bed Mats

If you're looking for protection for your truck, but you're looking for something low cost with a very short installation time, a bed mat is a lightweight option you should consider. As the name would suggest, these units are mats that are designed based on the specifications of your truck's bed, to ensure a tight and secure fit. Generally, these mats are made of a polypropylene material because of its durability.

In addition to being highly durable, this material is also unable to absorb water. This is important for protecting your bed against rain and other liquids that could damage the metal surface of your truck. However, it's important to mention that bed mats do have some disadvantages. First, they are often unable to offer an airtight fit. This means that liquids could penetrate beneath the mat surface and damage the metal underneath. Moisture under the mat could lead to mildew growth and corrosion.

Spray-in Liner

Another alternative you have are spray-in liners. In terms of cost, this level of protection will be the most expensive. With this option, a spray-gun is used to apply a polyurethane-based application to the bed of the truck. Since this application is sprayed, it allows you to maintain the unique design and contour of the truck's bed without altering its look. This is something you don't have with other bed lining protective options.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, spray-in liners are highly effective. The spray on application provides for an airtight, permanent bond that prevents moisture from seeping under the protective layer and damaging the metal surface underneath. Additionally, these applications are both corrosion and chemical resistant, allowing them to remain in good condition for a relatively long period of time. This will prove to be very important if you use your truck to transport liquids or heavy-duty items frequently.

Choosing a bed liner has a lot to do with the manner in which you use your truck. If you use your truck's bed for more lightweight hauling, then a lightweight liner will be fine. However, for heavy-duty hauling, you need a heavy-duty liner application. Contact a group like Arma Coatings of Bakersfield for more information.