Hospitals Achieve Better Outcomes With Pneumatic Tube Delivery Systems

14 October 2014
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Hospitals depend on immediate stat systems that answer the critical need for saving patients' lives. Pneumatic tube systems (PTS) efficiently transport specimens, documents and drugs so that critical patient information is shared between emergency rooms, nurses' stations, labs, inpatient and outpatient pharmacies, as well as other departments.

Healthcare Industry Embraces Pneumatic Tube Delivery Systems

Innovative air tube systems are necessities in today's competitive healthcare industry. In order to outperform the competition in quality delivery, hospitals install the latest PTS technology that largely improves productivity as well.

Hospitals Deliver Total Quality Management with PTS

Quality control departments in hospitals are big users of total quality management that serves their patient customers first and foremost. Not so long ago, critical patient information was ferried around by an employee pushing a loaded cart from floor to floor via elevator use. Pneumatic tube delivery systems are now employed throughout the industry. The systems diminish valuable time lost when employees ride elevators to deliver critical medical goods for immediate patient care.

Designing Custom-Made PTS Control Panels

Hospital administrators can request the design of combined sending and receiving stations that are equipped with easy-to-use fingertip control panels. The control panels are designed with control transportation setting speeds that secure sensitive materials with accuracy.

Moving Critical Supplies for Critical Care Departments

Tube delivery systems reliably move critical supplies throughout operating rooms, emergency rooms and clinical labs with lightning speed. They outperform the past use of couriers by delivering information and supplies instantly and safely.

Saving Lives and Saving Money

Patients' lives depend on fast access to supplies, and a reliable PTS answers the call for such a delivery. Millions of dollars per year can be saved in large healthcare facilities that use reliable pneumatic tube delivery systems.

Is Pneumatic Tube Delivery System an Error-Free Technology?

As with any technological system, the human element can prove to be the cause of pneumatic tube systems' failure to deliver supplies or information safely. When medical staff in any department fails to follow established procedures that govern the tube system, mistakes are made.

Laboratory Error

Lab employees are trained professionals. They are briefed that the facility's pneumatic tube delivery system uses vacuum-seals for all stool and urine samples. That precautionary measure maintains the samples' integrity. A technician might be hurrying to perform another stat order and in the interim seals the specimens with the use of screw-on tops instead of vacuum-sealing. The specimens become contaminated while being carried through the tube transport. The human element failed the tube system's intent to safely transport supplies. If you have other questions, contact a company like TH Hammerl Inc. to learn more.