Safety Products For Improving Your Home's Driveway Gate

22 October 2014
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If you have a basic driveway gate that slides open and you want to improve it, you need to look into the different types of available accessories. These products can increase the security of your gate, while others deal with safety issues you may have. By taking the opportunity to look through these products, you will be able to pick the best ones for improving your home's driveway gate.

Magnetic Lock

The type of lock your gate has will determine how effective it will be. A magnetic lock is a good option for most electronic gates because it is difficult to open without a pin code.

The lock has a two-part system that relies on a magnet and strike plate to keep the gate secure. When the system is active, the magnet will stay in place. When you need to get through the gate, you enter a code into the lock's panel and the magnet releases from the strike plate.

Unless you cut the power for the entire gate, you cannot bypass this type of lock. However, to keep your gate secure at all times, you need a battery backup system for your lock in the event of a power outage.

Infrared Sensor

Another enhancement you can add to your driveway gate is an infrared sensor. This item sends a beam of light from one side of your gate to the other. If the light beam is broken, it will cause the gate to stop and reverse.

Using a photo beam system is a good idea when you have pets or small children that may try to walk out through a closing gate. Additionally, if your gate has a timer that closes the gate after a set time, the infrared sensor prevents it from closing on your car as well.

Intercom System

If you cannot see your gate from the interior of your home, you need some way of knowing when delivery trucks or guests arrive. Installing an intercom system allows the person visiting your home to announce their arrival.

You can even find intercom systems that also have video surveillance so you can see and talk to the person at your gate. Having this type of system always lets you know who is trying to gain access to your property.

When you are looking for ways to improve your home's driveway gate, you will have several options. Understanding these products and their functions is the best method for picking the right ones for enhancing the performance and safety of your gate.

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