Creative Uses For Scrap Metal

20 September 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Scrap metal recycling is beneficial for the environment, since it reduces the amount of energy required to manufacture new products. With American consumers recycling more than 54 million metric tons of ferrous metal each year, it is clear that reducing metal waste is important to many consumers. Thanks to companies like Acme Certified Business Recycling, recycling is becoming more accessible all the time.

If you are looking for creative ways to get involved in the scrap metal movement, try your hand at some of these environmentally friendly projects.

Convert Your Scrap Metal Into An Interesting Piece Of Furniture

Recycling takes on a whole new meaning when you make the decision to re-purpose your scrap metal by crafting interesting furnishings. Scrap metal from cars, old tools and implements, and aging windows can be given new life when used as raw materials for the furniture making process.

Here are some common metal items that can easily be converted to scrap metal furnishings:

  • Cutlery- When your eating utensils are no longer equipped to serve their primary purpose, cutlery can be converted into scrap metal furniture. These items are particularly useful when creating wall hooks and coat hangers.  
  • Automobiles- The thought of turning a junk car into a piece of furniture may not cross the average consumer's mind, but automobiles can make interesting scrap metal projects. Old cars can be converted into barbecue grills, benches, and even bed frames.

Sculpt Your Scrap Metal Into An Artistic Masterpiece

Recycled metal can be used as an artistic medium. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and eclectic piece of art to add to your home, a scrap metal masterpiece could be the answer.

Here are some common art projects that can be completed using scrap metal:

  • Garden or Yard Sculptures- Many homeowners use garden or yard art to infuse their personal sense of style into an outdoor living area. The weathered, rusted appearance of scrap metal provides the character needed to bring garden or yard sculptures to life.  
  • Picture Frames or Decorative Tiles- Bringing the character and earthy feel of scrap metal into the home can be achieved through the introduction of picture frames or decorative tiles. These scrap metal accents not only serve to recycle ferrous metals - they lend a unique and industrial feel to any living space.

Scrap metal can be so much more than mere junk. Using your creativity to breathe new life into scrap metal will allow you to gain practical use out of your recycled metals.