Tips To Improve Your Restaurant Refrigerator's Efficiency

3 October 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Your restaurant's refrigerator is one of the most important devices in the establishment. Unfortunately, these systems can be expensive to operate because they require tremendous amounts of power. Luckily, there are a few tips you can follow to help ensure your refrigerator is running as efficiently as possible. 

Upgrade The Lights To LEDs

In addition to the energy needed to run the refrigeration system, these units also have extensive lighting systems that consume large amounts of electricity. Luckily, light usage is one of the easiest areas to improve the efficiency of your system. 

It is possible to retrofit almost any commercial refrigerator with LED bulbs. These bulbs use a special type of diode to generate light, and they can illuminate your refrigerator for a fraction of the cost of traditional lights. 

Keep It Clean And Orderly

You are probably aware that it is important to not overload your refrigerator at home. When you place more items in it, you increase the amount of work the motor must do to keep the temperature at the desired level. Unfortunately, your commercial refrigerator is no different, and if you make this mistake, you can increase the chances that your system develops a mechanical malfunction. As a result, you should consult your owner's manual, or talk with a manufacturer--like Sparks Refrigeration Inc--to determine how much food you can store in the unit before you start encountering problems. 

Also, you need to ensure that your refrigerator is kept orderly. In addition to helping your restaurant get a good score from the health department, this can also help your employees to quickly find the items they need. In turn, they will not be in the unit for long, and this can reduce stress on the motor. 

Keep The Condenser Coils Clean

The coils next to your system's primary motor are known as the condenser coils, and it is important to keep them clean. These are responsible for allowing the heat pump to move heat from inside the refrigerator to the outside. When they are dirty, they will not be able to effectively do this job.

As a result, it is important for you to regularly clean these coils. After inspecting them, you may notice a thick layer of dust accumulating. You should use a damp cloth to wipe this dust away and improve efficiency. 

Your restaurant would not be able to stay open without a refrigerator, but running it does not have to be a major financial burden. By following these tips, you can help improve the efficiency of your unit.