The Perfect Sound System For Your Next Dance Party

7 October 2014
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If you are planning a party, you have many different things to consider: guest list, invitations, food, venue, and many other things. Every good party has one thing in common: music. While the playlist is important, what the music will be playing through is also important. The sound system needs to be loud enough for the venue and type of party you are having. DJ equipment is available to rent for playing music at your party from companies like Metro Sound & Lighting. Below are some important things to consider when planning for your next dance party.

How large is the venue?

The size of the venue will be the biggest factor in the size and wattage of the sound system you will need. If you are throwing your dance party in your home or backyard, the sound system required will be smaller. A common setup for a house party would be a powered mixer with at least 200 watts per channel. Two full range PA speakers with a 12" woofer and horn should provide plenty of sound for any house party.

For larger venues or large outdoor spaces, you will want a larger setup. A good system for this type of venue would be a mixer with separate power amp with at least 2000 watts. The extra power will greatly increase the sound and bass response of your music. A good speaker setup would be two PA speakers with 2x15" woofers and a horn in each speaker. This type of speaker has great full range sound that will also add deep bottom end for dance and house music.

Need more bass?

If you envision having chest thumping bass at your dance party, add a subwoofer or two to your DJ equipment rental package. A subwoofer is designed only to provide deep bass. They typically come in 15" or 18" sizes, with one or two speakers per enclosure. Subwoofers can handle between 300 and 1000 watts depending on which model, and many are powered subwoofers and do not need a power amp to run.

Lights and fog

While the sound during a dance party is very important, the lighting and mood are also. Adding even a basic light setup can greatly improve the ambiance of your dance floor. Strobe lights and spinning colored lights are great at making mediocre dancers look better and this helps a lot of people relax. A fog machine can also bring a fun feel to your party. They are simple to use and very impressive. All you need to do is fill it up with 'fog juice' and plug it in.

Dance parties are great fun. Music and lighting are two of the most important components of throwing a successful party. Remember what to look for when you are renting DJ equipment for your next party to make it a great one!