Need Help Moving? There's An App For That

20 October 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Smart-phone technology isn't just about checking your emails, sending picture mail and connecting through social networks. This technology is also about simplifying everyday tasks, including moving. Whether you're moving your household goods to a storage unit, such as Riverview Mini Storage, temporarily or this is a long-term solution some effort is involved. Your smart-phone might be the tool you need to make this process easier. Here are a few smart-phone apps that can help simplify your move.

Space Planning App

One of the hardest things to do when trying to select a storage unit is determine what size unit you need. You don't want to cram all your belongings, but you also don't want to pay for an overly large unit. Space planning applications can help you better determine what size unit you need.

This type of application allows you to first input the dimensions of a space and then the objects that you plan to place inside. Not only can a space planning app help you determine what size unit to get, but it can also help you when it comes to how you will arrange everything.

Home Inventory App

Whether it's a storm or burglary, the unexpected comes without warning. If you need to submit a claim to your insurance company for the loss of your personal belongings, you need to know what you have. When your belongings are in storage this is a challenge.

Home inventory apps help you create a log of everything in your unit. Some of these applications also allow you to input additional information, such as a serial number, model number or picture of the item. Having this information at your fingertips in the event of an emergency will prove highly beneficial.

To-do List App

Moving is a marathon, not a sprint. Before you even begin the hard task of transporting your belongings to the storage unit you need to prepare them. This can mean dissembling, cleaning, sorting or wrapping your belongings. A to-do list application can make certain you don't forget to complete these tasks.

Use this type of application to make several to-do lists leading up to your move. For example, one month before, two weeks before or two days before. Add tasks to the list and keep track of what you've done to ensure you don't miss anything.

While your smart-phone won't necessarily make your move easy, it will at the very least make it less stressful. Consider using your smart-phone to make your move more efficient.